Is the deposit applied to the total balance?
Yes, the deposit is deducted from the total cost of the party. So, if you have a Passport to Paris Party for 10 guests, the total is $275. After the $100 deposit is paid, the balance due is $175. The balance is due at the time of the party.

What is included with the party price?
Each party includes a 90 minute celebration in our fun and elegant event boutique. Each party has beautiful decorations to match the theme of the party – no need for parents to bring their own decorations, although parents are welcome to bring in balloons.  A hostess (or two) leads the children through a series of games/activities (depending on the theme of the party). We also provide dessert plates, forks and napkins for the children (for the cake or cupcakes).

What do Parents need to bring?
Food, drinks, cake and/or cupcakes are NOT included in the party price. Parents are welcome to bring light snacks/pizza, cake, cupcakes and drinks for the children. Parents will need to provide plates, utensils and cups for any food brought in (other than dessert plates, which we provide). Fairy Tale Parties does offer themed snacks and drinks for an additional cost. We can also provide the cake or cupcakes for an additional cost ($30/dozen cupcakes; cake prices vary depending on size and complexity of design). Parents are also welcome to provide goody bags for guests or Fairy Tale Parties can provide them for an additional cost. Just let us know at the time you book the party about any additional services you’re interested in and we will send several options and prices.

Can I bring my own cake?
Yes! Cake and cupcakes are NOT included in the price of the party. We do offer cakes and cupcakes for an additional price, but parents are more than welcome to bring their own cake or cupcakes. We do, however, discourage ice cream cakes. Currently, we do not have a freezer big enough to store ice cream cakes, so there is a potential for them to melt during the party.

What’s the maximum number of children allowed?
Due to the size of our space, we limit the guest count to 20 kids. For the Princess Makeover Party and Spa Party, we try to keep the guest count to 12 or fewer, to ensure that we have time for all guests to enjoy the activities.

Are adults included in the guest count?
No, adults are not included in the guest count. We only include children who will be participating in the activities in the guest count.

When do I have to provide the final guest count?
We require the final guest count 48 hours prior to the party. Generally, we send an e-mail the Tuesday before the party, confirming the details of the party and provide parents with final party details and requesting the headcount 48 hours before the party start time.

What if some of the kids don’t show up; will I still be charged for them?
We staff, prepare and set up for parties based on the final head count, so we charge for the headcount that is provided 48 hours before the party.  There are exceptions – if you are aware of a change in the headcount after you’ve provided the final guest count number and before the day of party, in most cases we can accommodate the change.

What age range are the parties good for?
We have a variety of parties that work for different age groups from 3-years-old to 11-years-old.

For 3-year-olds to 6-year-olds, the following parties are age appropriate:
Princess Party
Princess & Pirate Party
Mermaid Party
Ballet Party
Little Artist Party
Peppa Pig Party
Paw Patrol Party
Frozen Party
Spa Party (4 – 11-years-old)
Princess Makeover Party (4 to 6-year-olds)

For 7-year-olds to 11-year-olds, the following parties are age appropriate:
Passport to Paris Painting Party
Spa Party
Hollywood Party
Rock Star Karaoke Party

Should parents stay for the party?
This decision is entirely up to the parents. Parents are welcome to stay for the party, especially if the children are young or uncomfortable being by themselves.

Can parents drop kids off at the party?
As long as the child is comfortable with being dropped off at the party, then parents are encouraged to drop them off. The parties are 90 minutes long, so parents should pick them back up at the appropriate time.


How early may I arrive before my party starts?
Parents may arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their party start time to set up cake/cupcakes, snacks and goody bags. We ask that you not arrive earlier than that, so that we have adequate time to clean up from the previous party and set up for your party. We want everything to be set up and ready the moment you walk through the door.

Should I tip the Hostess(es)?
Tipping is appreciated, but not required. If you feel that the hostess(es) did an outstanding job, then you are encouraged to leave a tip. You may tip in cash or use a credit card.

Where are you located?
We are located in Innsbrook in the Parkside Marketplace Shopping Center at the intersection of West Broad Street and Cox Road. We are in the strip connected to Leonardo’s Pizza and Smoothie King.